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Rock Dog 2016

Tibetan Mastiffs in Snow Mountain, has a dog’s life in a simple riff – expects a peaceful village sheep luxury linnux wolf and his hondsdolbel. To avoid distraction, prohibit leader Mastiff Khampa all music. When his son, Bodi, however, a radio that comes out of nowhere, discovered, it just needs some kitaarlekke to seal the fate of children. If they have a starrock and roll would be going into the city Bodi Angus Scattergood, to find a legendary musician with a song bagongdeberíaescribir.

TibetaanseMastiffs for living in the Snow Mountain, the life of a dog is a simple riff: Be a quiet village sheep wolmakende Wolf and his bored linnux rommelpak. To avoid distraction, prohibit Mastiff Khampa leader all the music of the mountains. But when the son of radio Khampas Body discovereddropped by a passing airplane, only takes a few kitaarlekke, because his fate was sealed. Body wants to be a rock star one. However, the mean nitona oppressed his parents wishes, the city will, and the legendary – and musicians Angus teruggetrokke- Scattergood, with a new song and write quickly. Bodi is a band aid Angus compilation of his songs, and defeated the wolf plan to remove the snow from the mountain,your life is in harmony. Body which is always dream: over a dog … hell on a rock is a rock dog!

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